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Those of our clients who are engineers are well acquainted with the complex process of registering with APEGBC. As this article explains APEG is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and approving the credentials of foreign-trained engineers and upholding professional standards. Having to balance these two factors results in a sometime frustrating delay as qualified professionals navigate the accreditation process.

These kind of involved application procedures are best viewed as a process rather than an event. A series of small and larger steps are required to complete this application. Focusing on the next step rather than the process as a whole may be a better approach. Many other foreign-trained professionals have gone through the APEG process and are now successfully working in their fields.

The article ends with some helpful advice:

Sayedain offers some advice to future internationally trained applicants. “I think people can become demotivated quickly,” says Sayedain. “The key is to talk to someone who has been on this path, and determine what objectively to expect.”


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