The “stickyness” of email addresses

email.gifRemember when we had to choose our email address many years ago ? Few people might have been aware that our email address would “stick” to us like glue as we moved through our careers.

An address that might have made sense to us as a teenager or young adult may now send the wrong message to employers as we carry out our job search. Addresses that are overly descriptive, informal or just plain odd may confuse an employer or send the wrong message. An article in today’s Times-Colonist gives a few examples of addresses that could be viewed as being unprofessional.

Part of the problem is that people get attached to their email address and see it as part of their identity. The job search is one time when we have to send a conservative and safe message to employers. So if your address is one of those that you would describe as quirky, take the opportunity to consider getting a new one from Gmail (or some other provider) and use it exclusively for your job search activities. Yes it might be boring but it won’t prevent you from getting that phone call to set up an interview – which is the whole point.

Just remember to check that new address every day !

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