Emotions and culture

This report from Science Daily shows how culture can be determining factor when interpreting facial emotions. According to the cited research:

East Asians seem to have a more holistic pattern of attention, perceiving people in terms of the relationships to others,” says Masuda. “People raised in the North American tradition often find it easy to isolate a person from its surroundings


Top 20 employers for new Canadians

Some companies and organizations are ahead of the game when realizing that hiring skilled immigrants is one solution to the labour shortage in Canada. Those companies that open their doors now will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“Instead of viewing immigrant jobseekers as a risk, these employers have come up with ways of hiring, training and integrating internationally trained workers into the Canadian workforce,” said Rachel Caballero, lead editor of the Top 20. “International credentials and experience are not considered liabilities or barriers to employment at any of these firms.”

Our clients who have a background in the financial services sector will want to take note of the presence of several national banks on this list. Also, one Victoria employer, Island Hearing Services is also on the list.

The top employers for new Canadians

• Associated Engineering Group, Edmonton

• Business Development Bank of Canada, Montreal

• CAE, Saint-Laurent, Que.

• Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto

• Christie Digital Systems Canada, Kitchener, Ont.

• Enbridge, Calgary

• Ernst & Young, Toronto

• Island Hearing Services, Victoria

• KPMG, Toronto

• Keane Canada, Halifax

• MDS Nordion, Ottawa

• Manulife Financial, Toronto

• Providence Health Care, Vancouver

• Replicon, Calgary

• St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto

• TD Bank Financial Group, Toronto

• Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto

• University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

• Wardrop Engineering, Winnipeg

• i3DVR International, Toronto

Immigrants arrive better educated

data.jpgCanada held a census in 2006 and StatsCanada has been releasing the data bit by bit for the last year. Reading census data is an important part of understanding what is happening in the Canadian economy and labour market.

The latest release deals with employment and demographic information. You can read some of the highlights here. Today’s Times-Colonist ran a related article that describes how 51% of the 349,800 people who immigrated to this country between 2001 and 2006 held a university degree. Just 20% of the Canadian-born population hold similar education status.

As the Canadian economy continues its move towards knowledge-based employment, holding a post-secondary degree becomes more important and will provide an advantage when looking for work. 

All About APEGBC

Those of our clients who are engineers are well acquainted with the complex process of registering with APEGBC. As this article explains APEG is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and approving the credentials of foreign-trained engineers and upholding professional standards. Having to balance these two factors results in a sometime frustrating delay as qualified professionals navigate the accreditation process.

These kind of involved application procedures are best viewed as a process rather than an event. A series of small and larger steps are required to complete this application. Focusing on the next step rather than the process as a whole may be a better approach. Many other foreign-trained professionals have gone through the APEG process and are now successfully working in their fields.

The article ends with some helpful advice:

Sayedain offers some advice to future internationally trained applicants. “I think people can become demotivated quickly,” says Sayedain. “The key is to talk to someone who has been on this path, and determine what objectively to expect.”

Knocking down walls

This article from today’s edition of the Vancouver Sun examines how companies can help skilled immigrants navigate their way through the credential recognition process. Our clients who are Accountants may find the story particularly relevant.