On qualifications

At Career Solutions we often get asked by our clients about the often long lists of qualification requirements that accompany some job postings. It’s not unusual to see a posting that includes a dozen or more requirements. A job posting with the Vancouver Olympic Games Organizing Committee (VANOC) provides a good example. The position of  Coordinator, Sliding Sports includes the following requirements:sled.jpg

  • A diploma, certificate or degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in a related filed  (event management, sports administration, business administration, etc)
  • 3-5 years experience in a coordinator role  
  • Background in Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge as an athlete, coach, or event organizer an asset
    • The question we are often asked is: “I don’t meet all of the requirements for the job. Should I apply anyways ?” The answer is often yes. Employers create a “wish list” of requirements when crafting job postings in order to describe the perfect job candidate. Most of the time however, the person who gets hired is one who has the right combination of skills and experiences because the magical ideal candidate rarely exists.

      In this case (VANOC) may or may not find somebody who has experience with in Bobsleigh, Skeleton and Luge but very few job seekers will have this specific experience. Anybody who meets most of the other qualifications and has a sincere interest in Winter sports should be encouraged to apply.

      The next time you are reading a job posting and thinking that maybe you should not apply because you do not meet all the requirements – think again. If the job seems like a fit and you would feel comfortable performing most of the required duties you have very little to lose from applying. The key is to organize your resume and cover letter in such a way that highlights your relevant skills.

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