Do you have any questions ?

Often at the end of a job interview the interviewer will ask us if we have any questions. This is usually a signal that the interview has gathered the information that he needsĀ from you and unless you have something to add the meeting can come to its natural conclusion.

This question provides one more opportunity to impress the employer with your knowledge and your ability to connect your skill set to the job you are being interviewed for. In my experience however, people pass up this opportunity because they are in a rush to have the interview finish (many people are uncomfortable during this process) or they simply do not know what to say.

There are a couple of strategies that you can take here. You may simply ask an innocuous question about some detail that arose during the interview or to ask about the time-line of their hiring process and how you may best follow up with the interviewer.

Another tact, as suggested in this article is to ask questions that demonstrate your ability to think strategically. A little bit of research will provide the information you need to prepare this type of question.

Check out this article from the Washington Post for more advice.