Foreign Credential Recognition Program

The federal government has announced $800,000 worth of new funding that will allow the Maytree Foundation to develop a set of on-line tools aimed at helping skilled immigrants integrate into the Canadian workforce.


Targeting your resume

Using a one size fits all approach to your resume is a recipe for extending the length of a job search. Each job is unique and if an employer goes to the trouble of writing a lengthy job posting then we are obligated to ensure that our resume and cover letter makes it obvious that we are qualified for that job.

Many job-seekers are unsure of how to best target their resume. This article provides some instruction, while this one provides resume tips by selected industry.

As always, Dan and Tony are available to assist you with this.

On communication

This enlightening blog post examines the relationship between communication skills and career success. Those people who continuously strive to improve their communication skills are more successful at getting and keeping jobs. Check out the blog post for some solid advice on how we can improve our communication skills.

10 resume mistakes that turn off employers

This feature from looks at what not to do on your resume.

Employment quality rising

On Monday we looked at the number of jobs that were being created in Canada. The quantity of new jobs is important to track because it is one indicator of a healthy economy. Another important piece of the puzzle has to do with the quality of these new jobs. Are the jobs that are being created all part time and of the minimum wage variety ? If these types of jobs are being created then the overall economic picture is less pleasing to the eye.

A new report by CIBC World Market claims that while Canada’s job creation engine is slowing the quality of jobs is on the rise.

… the main factor behind the surge in our quality measure was a favourable wage distribution of full time paid employment. And this indicator has improved notably over the past year. The number of full-time paid employees in high-paying sectors such as manufacturing of beverage, tobacco and electronic and printing products as well as mining, farm product distribution and internet services rose by a strong 6% in the past year and by 3.5% during the last six months alone. At the same time, the number of jobs in low-paying sectors such as repair & maintenance and clothing and clothing accessories, rose by less than 1% during the past year and was unchanged in the past six months.

Source:Employment Down, Quality Up, CIBC World Markets, 5pp. (pdf)

Greater Victoria’s unemployment rate the lowest in Canada

The latest release of StatsCanada’s labour force survey shows that the employment picture in Victoria remains strong. The unemployment rate in Greater Victoria is at 3% which is the lowest in the country. The construction sector is seeing an easing of demand and labour shortages are not as acute as they have been in recent years.

As far as the national picture goes the largest growth for June was in professional, scientific and technical services, where there were over 37,000 new jobs added to the economy.

Job search safety

If you are applying for jobs on-line there are things to keep in mind about protecting yourself and your identity. Check out this page from the Service Canada website for some helpful tips.