Over 1 million employed in skilled trades

StatsCanada has released a report that looks at employment trends in the skilled trades. The report notes that emplomyent in this field continues it’s steady rise and that most of the jobs are held by men (97%) and are full-time (also 97%).

On average earnings for this group are high when compared to other occupations. Employees in the trades averaged $22.36 in hourly earnings, 6% higher than the $21.02 for other occupations. The highest earners were electricians ($25.26), crane operators ($24.61) and plumbers ($24.10).

StatsCanada also points out that immigrants tend to be under-represented in this employment group. Only 17% of workers in the trades were immigrants, compered to 21% in the non-trades occupations.One reason offered for this is the fact that recent immigrants to Canada tend to have University degrees. Since the educational requirements of jobs in trades are below university level, one might expect fewer immigrants to be working in these jobs.

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