How to say “Hire me”

This article from Careerbuilder/CNN carries some excellent job search that most people will ignore.

Throughout the job search

• Apply at companies that aren’t seeking candidates. “Read the business pages to find out what businesses are growing,” says Laura George, author of “Excuse Me, Your Job is Waiting.”

“Send such companies a résumé and a letter explaining what you can bring to the organization. If they have a need and see talent, you may be saving them the time and trouble involved in a talent search.”

• Pick up the phone. “What gets my attention is a phone call and real live voice. Most communication is done via e-mail and you don’t get the total picture of a person without that verbal communication,” says Barbara Zaccone, president of BZA LLC, a strategic design company. “A perfect example would be a follow-up phone call after the interview. No one ever does that. And I mean no one.”

Applying for jobs on line can be useful but it can in some cases provides a false sense of momentum. What happens after we click submit or upload our resume ? Sometimes we get a response but oftentimes our application yields no results and we are left to wonder what happened. By all means continue to apply for jobs on line but try and mix it in with some contact with employers as detailed above.

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