How are things at the Victoria Shipyards ? They are very busy and have an expanding workforce.

In vivid contrast to today’s grim global economic news, Victoria Shipyards is anticipating a busy and lucrative future providing several hundred full-time jobs for union members and managers in a growing workforce. Contracts have been signed for hundreds of millions of dollars of work already, and the company has high hopes for more.

Some of the upcoming contracts are listed below:

  • A new SeaBus will be finished by August or September of 2009, employing an average workforce of between 400 and 500
  • Five cruise ships are coming in for refits next year, totalling $20 million in business
  • The pace steps up in 2010 and 2011 with the refit and upgrades of five Halifax-class navy frigates and sub-contracting work to maintain Canada’s four submarines.The first to arrive is the HMCS Chicoutimi in January 2010, when it will create work for about 175 employees.
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