Budget ’09

Details of the proposed federal budget  were announced yesterday and all those who seek labour market information should have been paying attention.

You can see all of the details here but I want to focus on a couple of areas that will be of interest if you work in education, construction or transportation.

$1.5 billion dollars worth of new funding was committed to worker training and retraining. A large chunk of this funding will flow indirectly to private and public schools who will be needing to hire new teaching and support staff.

And of course I couldn’t comment on this budget without bringing up the “I word” as the budget proposes $12 billion in new infrastructure spending over two years. I’ve selected a few highlights to list below.

  • $2 billion to repair, retrofit and expand facilities at post-secondary institutions.
  • 4-billion Infrastructure Stimulus Fund that will provide funding to renew infrastructure
  •  $1 billion over five years for the Green Infrastructure Fund to support projects such as sustainable energy.
  • $500 million over two years to build and renew community recreation facilities across Canada.
  • $500 million over the next two years for infrastructure projects in small communities.

14 rules

On the weekend the Times-Colonist ran an article that lists 14 rules for a successful job hunt. This provides an opportunity to review your job search activities.

How many of these 14 “rules” are you following as you look for work ? Do you need help with any of these strategies ? If so please contact Dan or Tony for assistance.

Shovel ready projects

shovelWe recently decided that the word “infrastructure” would be our word for 2009. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities reports that should infrastructure spending be a component of next weeks federal budget, cities around the country have projects that are “shovel ready”. This will be of particular interest to our clients who are Civil Engineers or who work in the construction sector.

This table shows that the city of Victoria has a bus-stop improvement program ready to go which is worth over $4 million and could create 49 jobs. The District of Saanich has numerous projects listed.

Idiom 8

logo_96Pull the plug

Meaning: To discontinue a practice or to stop an event from happening.

Example: This product is not selling well, maybe it’s time to pull the plug.

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A little optimism, please

This article from today’s Times-Colonist demonstrates that many in Victoria’s business community are feeling optimistic about the future.

Immigrant Women’s Group

The Intercultural Association of Victoria (ICA) is running a free Immigrant Women’s Group from January 22nd to April 9th. 

  • Make new friends
  • Learn more about Victoria and Canada
  • Express yourself through art
  • Participate in fun activities and fieldtrips
  • Share stories, ideas and information
  • Practice English
  • Get support
  • See their website for more information.

    The big picture

    As bad as the economic news has been lately it pays to remember that there are other forces at play that will have even a larger impact on the labour market.

    Economic fortunes can swing up and down but Canada’s demographic picture is set in stone (more or less). In short order many British Columbians will be in a position of wanting to retire. An article in the Vancouver Sun can provide you with some of the statitical details.

    By 2015, 30 per cent of B.C.’s population will be over the age of 55.

    Demographics and baby boom retirees guarantee that when the economic clouds eventually clear, we’ll still be facing unprecedented labour shortages that threaten the province’s growth and prosperity.

    Even if the current downturn were to bring all new job growth in B.C. to a screeching halt between now and 2015, we would still be critically short of workers.

    Also just to provide a little more perspective, Victoria continues to have the lowest unemplomyent rate in the country.