The word for 2009

I would like to suggest that the word “infrastructure” is one to keep in mind for the new year; particularly if you work in the construction sector. The federal government will use infrastructure spending  as a key component of its economic stimulus package. This article from the Reed Construction Data website reminds us of why this word will be so important.

Governments are going to be pressing ahead with infrastructure projects. To the extent that this is weighted towards civil projects, this will mark a shift away from architectural services and towards engineering expertise. As some consolation for the architectural community, public spending on medical and education facilities may also receive the benefit of increasing government largesse.

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  1. […] Posted on January 22, 2009 by Tony Abbis We recently decided that the word “infrastructure” would be our word for 2009. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities reports that should […]

  2. […] of course I couldn’t comment on this budget without bringing up the “I word” as the budget proposes $12 billion in new infrastructure spending over two years. […]

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