Resume review

If you haven’t’ had a job interview in awhile and have been actively looking for work it may be time to take another look at your resume. I have found some articles that you can use as inspiration for giving your resume a make-over. As always you can ask Dan or myself for help if you are not sure about how to integrate some of these ideas

Many of our clients have technical backgrounds. This article provides ten technical resume writing tips to make sure you are giving employers the information they expect (and need) to see.

Those of you who like charts will be impressed with this resume rubric that allows you to quickly gauge how effective your resume is.

In my experience many job seekers understate their accomplishments. Check out these tips for showcasing your “Home Run” accomplishments.

Note that “Home Run” is one of those sports idioms that shoes up in the business world on a frequent basis. Check out this page for a list of English sports idioms.

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