The passive job search

This blog post includes from Fortify Your Oasis, looks at some economic issues but also discusses the various paths toward finding a new job. Typical job search activities normally include:

  • Waiting for the phone to ring
  • Print advertisements
  • Online advertisements
  • Placement agencies
  • Cold-calling employers
  • Personal contacts and your wider network
  • These are listed in order of how passive they are. The most passive approach is simply waiting for an employer to call us. This rarely happens but if you talk to many job seekers this is the approach that is commonly followed.

    If you look at this list and find yourself spending time doing things at the top of the list rather than the bottom then it is likely that your job search approach is simply too passive in nature.

    If you want to be an proactive, efficient  job seeker focus 90% of your energy and time on the items at the bottom of the  list.


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    1. […] Leaving apart the obviously distressing implications of the above paragraph this confirms the conventional wisdom about sending in resumes for posted jobs. The call-back rate from employers is very low (16% and 11%) in this case. If you are not networking and meeting employers this would mean you would only get between 11 and 16 call-backs for every 100 resumes you send out. Only sending out resumes to posted jobs is a very passive approach. […]

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