What’s in a name ?

Think about the last ten jobs you applied for. How many of them were of the on-line variety ? I’m guessing almost all of them. Unless the organization you apply to has their own unique resume creation and submission system (like UVIC), your email and resume is going to sit in an in-box until they get around to clicking on it.

This article at Career Hub reminds us that the filename we choose to give our resume represents a marketing opportunity – one that should not be ignored.

… your first and last name always be included in the file name. It is also a good idea to include a word or short keyword phrase that describes your main skill set or industry (for example, CFO, Marketing Executive, etc.). It is important to keep the keyword phrase fairly short, so as not to create an unwieldy file name that extends beyond fields in a database or beyond the edge of the reader’s window or screen (such as on a Blackberry). A further recommendation is to separate words with hyphens for readability. I have found that underscores (_) also work well for this purpose.

Following is a sample structure for an effective file name:

It’s a tiny detail to be sure but sometimes the small things make all the difference. Besides, we can’t afford to pass up a marketing opportunity – especially one like this that takes almost no effort.

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