Job search safety

Technology has changed how we live our lives and how we look for work. Because most of us were not raised in an era where this type of technology was prevalent we may not be aware of some of the risks involved in using the Internet to look for work.

This article does a nice job of detailing how you can protect yourselfand your identity while you look for work online.

3. Know how to spot bogus job ads.
Job-related identity theft scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Despite the best screening efforts used by career sites, scammers always find a way in. You might be looking at a fake job ad if it:
o Offers considerable pay with few to no duties
o Promises payment of wages in cash
o Contains no physical address or contact person
o Requires you to open a new bank account or accept company checks to “test” a wire transfer service

Craigslist has many local job listed but I believe you are better off ignoring postings that are anonymous.