On being overqualified

Many foreign-trained professionals who want to continue their career in Canada choose to apply for jobs that are entry-level or intermediate in responsibility. This is a recommended strategy as it provides workers the opportunity to gain Canadian work experience and deepen their understanding of cultural workplace issues.

Employers however can have a different view of hiring someone who appears to be overqualified. An article that ran in the Wall Street Journal looks at how people are paring down their resumes in order to lessen the appearance of being overqualified and sums up the fear of employers.

In the past eight months, Jamaica Eilbes, an information-technology recruiter for Milwaukee employment agency Manpower, has had to weed out more overqualified résumés than usual from the stacks that cross her desk each day. “I’d never feel comfortable putting a really high-level candidate into a lower level position,” says Ms. Eilbes, who recruits for Manpower and other clients. “We don’t want to take you on if we think you are going to jump ship.”

If you are applying for jobs that you are obviously over-qualified for you have a choice. You can try and prune your resume in an appropriate manner in order to re-frame your employment history or address the issue directly in a cover letter.

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