Universal emotions

According to this interesting blog post there are seven emotions that are universally common. During a job interview it could be important to be aware of this and to know how to identify these emotions through facial cues and body language.

This article (pdf)looks at the issue from a sales perspective but much of the information applies to job interviews as well.

Listen up

This blog post about finding and keeping a job in a shrinking market is worth your time to check out. I want to highlight this interesting section:

Interview with your ears. Eighty-five percent of all job seekers talk too much in the interview. Listen closely to what the employer needs then respond as someone who can satisfy those needs. An open-ended question such as “Could you please tell me more about that?” will elicit additional information from an interviewer as well as clearly demonstrate your interest in learning more about the position.

I don’t know where the 85% number comes from but it rings true to me as many people see conversational opportunities as a chance to speak but not to listen. This probably holds true for interviews but whatever the percentage the message about listening attentivley is worth noting. Truly understanding and responding appropriatly to a question is one way we demonstrate to employers that we are suitable for a position.

On communication

This enlightening blog post examines the relationship between communication skills and career success. Those people who continuously strive to improve their communication skills are more successful at getting and keeping jobs. Check out the blog post for some solid advice on how we can improve our communication skills.