“Perfect Storm” in the Construction Sector

Those of you who work in the construction industry will want to review this press release which looks at labour market demand for this sector. The Construction Sector Council’s annual forecast of labour market trends predicts that 94,000 new workers will be needed over the next 8 years to keep pace with new projects. Another 162,000 people are required to replace retiring workers.

BC and Alberta are leading the way in terms of projected employment growth in this sector.

Resource: Construction Sector Council


Labour Market News

The Times-Colonist is reporting on a study that shows that the gambling industry in BC creates 16,400 jobs (135,000 across the country).

 The construction sector is still driving job growth in British Columbia. Over 152,000 skilled workers will be retiring from this sector over the next 10 years.

 There are about 650,000 information and communication technology workers in Canada. There is speculation that another 90,000 will be needed over the next 3-5 years.  Some are skeptical of this sector because of the dot com bust of recent memory which has resulted in declining enrolment in computer science engineering and computer engineering programs. While any sector can be subject to employment slumps, one of the enduring trends in the Canadian labour market is that technology is responsible for creating many new opportunities.