Custom House sold

Custom House is a Victoria-based currency exchange company which employs 150 people in the Capital Region. They operate on a 24 hour basis and have employees who work in a variety of roles. Custom House has been purchased by Western Union for $370 million dollars.

Currency house is the second high- profile local business to be sold to a major American company in about a month.

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Once again:Now hiring

148 jobs up for grabs in capital – Times Colonist

Best Employers for New Canadians

These employers have been recognized as offering innovative programs to assist immigrants in making the transition to the Canadian workplace.

Each employer is evaluated in terms of whether:

  •  they offer programs specifically designed to assist employees who are recent immigrants to Canada;
  • they have taken steps to reduce employment barriers for recent immigrants, such as by recognizing foreign educational credentials and experience;
  • they assist new employees who have foreign professional or educational credentials in getting these qualifications formally recognized in Canada
  • they offer “onboarding” programs, such as internal coaching or mentoring, to help new employees who are recent immigrants understand the Canadian workplace
  • their managers and employees receive training in cross-cultural issues or inclusiveness to help create a welcoming and productive environment for employees who are recent immigrants

Trafford publishing sold to US firm

Many of you will be interested to note that Trafford Publishing has been sold to an American company. Trafford, which is based in Colwood is this country’s most prominent self-publishing company. You can read all of the details in this Times-Colonist article but I will excerpt an interesting passage.

As a result, Reid (CEO Geoff Reid) said the 23 jobs involved in the self-publishing side of the business will be transferred to the printing side of the business.

“We don’t see any of those jobs disappearing, in fact we see we will be going into a growth pattern now,” he said. Reid suggested there could be as many as 20 new employees eventually added to the existing roster of 85.

In related news, book-sales are down in the US and in the UK but not in Canada as Canadian readers are buying more books than ever before.


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Now hiring

Did you know that the Times-Colonist has a new feature on Saturdays that lists the names of employers who have jobs to offer ? Well now you do and if you check it out you will see that among the jobs listed that Beanstream is looking for a Junior Programmer and Victorian Epicure is looking for a Purchasing & Inventory Assistant

Job growth ?

Today’s Times-Colonist features an article that looks at various job sectors on Vancouver Island and their potential for growth. I feel obligated to read these types of articles. They help me to understand the small and larger trend shifts that happen in our labour market. Anybody who is interested in career management or searching for work should seek out this type of information.

The cold truth of the matter is that these type of articles, even one like this one that is based on economic analysis from a private consulting firm are inherently flawed. For example the construction sector has been placed in the vague “Declining at least in the short-term” category. I guarantee you that as recently as ten months ago there were projections about the construction sector that forecasted strong and ongoing demand for workers. What was this based on ? An inventory of large scale commercial construction projects, continuing strong demand for residential housing and an aging work force.

What has happened since then ? Obviously a lot has changed in the last ten months. There continue to remain large-scale construction projects in the pipeline but many are now dependent on infrastructure funding from various levels of government. How long will governments be able to maintain deficit budgets while they attempt to stimulate the economy ? Unclear. The demand for residential housing has had a large drop-off.  Many new condominium projects in the Capital Region feature unsold units. The average construction tradesperson is nearing retirement age. But given recent stock market and mutual fund losses in the 20-30% range how many of them will retire ? Again, unclear.

So if these types of articles are inherently flawed why do we give them our attention ? By acquiring information about short-term trends in the labour market we are able to connect this information to larger national and global trends which can help to guide us. Projections are a “best guess”. We don’t use them to make major decisions about our careers but as a tool to understand the bigger picture.

Healthcare Career Fair

The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) is holding a career fair on March 9th. VIHA is one of the largest employers on Vancouver Island with over 15,000 workers. Beyond medical professions they hire tradespeople, administrative and other non-medical support staff.

For details on the career fair see their poster(pdf).

Also check out their public job postings.