Now hiring

(At least) 121 employers in the Victoria area are looking for workers.

See the list here.

Some highlights:

– ASL Environmental Sciences Inc., Sidney BC: Full-time Bookkeeper

– AXYS Technologies, Inc: Accounting Clerk

– Bradshaw Property Management: Administrative Assistant, Handyperson – Maintenance

– Carmanah Technologies Corp.: Opto-Electronics Engineer, Financial Analyst

The pulse of Victoria

an article in today’s Times-Colonist examines four key economic sector in Victoria; Construction, Tourism, Technology and Real Estate.

The article on the technology sector reflects what Victoria Chamber of Commerce CEO, Bruce Carter spoke about last night at our networking event.

The local industry currently boasts more than 850 companies employing 12,600 people and bringing in an estimated $1.7 billion annually.

Science research opportunities

This press release from GenomeBC offers details regarding nine grant awards for scientific research worth over $2.3 million.

The nine teams of researchers located in Vancouver, the Okanagan and on Vancouver Island are launching peer-reviewed, short-term research projects the results of which will have impacts on important sectors of BC’s economy and environment.
    Approved projects range from understanding the genetics of sablefish, the biology of lavender, exploring the conifer genome to aid with future breeding and management of conifer trees, developing health assessment tools for marine mussels, the study of the wild bullfrog (an excellent indicator for environmental quality) to human health topics including cancer immunotherapy,…

See the GenomeBC website for further information.

Weekend reading

Do employers like you ?

Many employers hire based on a combination of factors. They are looking for somebody with the correct skill set but they also want to hire someone who has the potential to fit in with the team that is already in place. With employers who have only a few employees this becomes even more important.

This blog post at Career Hub asks a very important question. Do You Give Employers Reasons to Not Like You?